Art festival in Cocoa Village Florida

GMa Mary and I decided to walk in in the Village today and came upon the Art Festival in Cocoa Village Florida. The art fair featured arts and crafts from various artists and crafters who come from various Florida locations. These talented folks travel Florida art shows that take place throughout the sunshine state. An art fair– always fun to stroll on Saturday and Sundays.

Click link below and preview all the videos:

Crushable Seagrass Hats ~ really work, wind blew like crazy on the walk home. Hat stayed in place.

Joie’s Bird Feeders & Butterfly bathes

Sam’s Chain Saw Art

Ocean Designs ~ local Viera artist

Unique Bags By the Hands

Hey Mon Caribbean Cooking Sauce

Soy Flake Scents

Gems & Jewels by Infinite Creations

Lazy Susans and Cutting Boards

Orchid Nanny

Acrylic Table Top Art

Please reply and let us know about Florida Art Shows taking place in your community!!

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